Our Kindergarten Rhythm

This is how I imagine our days…

They are full of magical moments. Sometimes it does seem like the wind is blowing just so and the wonder of nature is all around us. Most days though I am distracted by my mental to-do list and am trying to keep Hannah and Noah from beating each other up (yes they already fight!).

This is my daily, hourly struggle- how to really stay present in the moment. Today I left the computer off, hid the phone and ignored the messy kitchen that was screaming my name. It was a terrific day. There were no fights, no nagging and I really had fun with my kids.

2013-11-10 15.58.10Our Weekly Schedule 


Homeschool “lessons” and baking 


Nature walk and art project 


Homeschool “lessons” and the library 


Field Trip


Errands and family time with Dad


Clean the house and music time


Church and nature hike or family picnic 



Our Daily Rhythm 


Taylor wakes up and gets ready for work

Mom and kids wake up, get dressed and join Taylor for breakfast

We send Taylor off to work

Mom and kids put away breakfast dishes


Circle time and short lesson

Walk or Outing 

Free play with toys 


Lunch time

Read stories, puzzles or coloring 

Nap time 

(mom gets to watch a show or read)


Kids wake up and play with toys

Baking, art project, library or music time

Mom prepares dinner while kids have free play  



Bath time and kids get ready for bed

Bedtime ritual: story, prayer, scripture, song and goodnight kisses Mom and Dad have time together or time to relax alone. 

Good Night!

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