Summer Rhythm and Little Ones

img_1054-e1501736062242.jpgI used to think that Rhythm was just a matter of putting down your intentions to paper. While that can help you realize how to fit in every day tasks and expectations, holding too strictly can actually hinder the natural rhythms of family life. Especially the rhythm of children which flows at a different pace than an adults.

What I quickly realized was that as soon as I tacked my chart to the wall my children’s needs would change, my work schedule would shift and the practicalities of weather would adjust how much time we would spend outside everyday. Rhythm is all about flow. Being present enough to notice that a walk outside is more needed today than circle time, or that it is okay to delay bedtime, because your 5 year would really love one more bedtime story.


I am slowly learning this the hard way. Too many days of trying to stick to my own rigid schedule and set of expectations. B.C. (Before Children) I could rely on my insane ability to complete all of the to-dos on my list and know that I could depend on being ready for the day at a specific time and having a spotless home every night before bed.

You know, the more I throw those expectations out the window, the happier I am.

In our LifeWays training, Suzanne Down talked all about the magical attributes of Summer: light, air, spaciousness, looking outward, expansiveness and being connected to the cosmos. This month I am trying to embody spaciousness in our home, schedule and in my own inner life.


My goals for this month are to gain spaciousness in my life by:

1. Decluttering– I want to remove 5 garbage bags from our house

2. Saying no to unnecessary meetings, social gatherings and “favors” that I really don’t want to do

3. Choosing food that makes me feel energetic and happy instead of stuffed and tired

4. Giving my children more time to just play and allowing myself more freedom for creative pursuitsΒ 

5. Forgiving myself for allowing an extra movie night here and there πŸ™‚

5. Appreciating the expansiveness of the mountains and Summer night skies by hiking and having campfires every week for the rest of the summer.

How are you embracing the changes that summertime brings?


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