In Tune Planning

As I was planning this week, I was looking at several books of stories for 6-7 year olds and started to feel anxious about which one is best for Noah. At first I thought I might ask several boards on facebook or bug Melisa Nielsen, lol πŸ˜‰ But instead, I knelt down and prayed about it- and I knew immediately which one would be best for Noah. Since then, whenever I think about trying out a new book, curriculum or extra curricular activity- I pray!

While I totally think that you need to do your research, sometimes as homeschool moms we feel so anxious about all of the choices and want everything to be perfect- that we spin ourselves into a flurry of dependance upon others and experts to help us make decisions for our own children. When we are in tune with the spirit, we have the ability to make the best decisions possible for them!Β  We are their parent’s, their teacher’s and their guardians- what an empowering blessing and opportunity


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