Hallow’s Eve


This season is one of our family’s absolute favorites! Cider, flame colored leaves, smoky skies and pumpkins…. The mood of autumn envelops us in coziness and reminds us to draw inward and care for our own inner light as the sun retreats and the world prepares for Winter. Halloween in the Celtic year is the beginning of the new year and an important marker of new beginnings. As during the Spring, we “spring clean” and shed those belongings that no longer serve us, Autumntime is the perfect opportunity to release unwanted habits and emotional baggage. A favorite Welsh tradition that we enjoy is to build a large bonfire at the beginning of your

A favorite Welsh tradition that we enjoy is to build a large bonfire at the beginning of your halloween party. Cook a stew or mash of all of your favorite harvest foods: pumpkins, onions, apples, squash, etc… When the fire has almost died down, write down a behavior that you want to release on a paper and toss it into the fire, then make a wish for the new year and jump over the fire. If you make it across then your wish will come true! Obviously for little ones, a pretend fire or tealight (with your help) would be more appropriate. In our family, we help our little ones across the fire so they can participate. It is an exciting and symbolic way to jump into a new year! This season is so much more than Halloween Candy, decorations and movie marathons… if we let it, it can be a period of great transformation and beauty, just as witnessed in the glorious leaves around us.

As we celebrate with our children, we can use simple seasonals songs, recipes and activities to make this holiday memorable, without the regret of hyperactivity and cavities 😉 What are your favorite Hallow’s Eve traditions?


Love,  Amber and Family

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